Cedar Hedges

Cedar Hedge Installations

Here are just some of the cedar hedges we have planted for our many happy cedar hedge planting service customers in Toronto and beyond.

Ask about our references, we do great work and our customers will tell you that.

Learn a bit more about our cedar hedge planting service or contact us to discuss your cedar hedge project today.

Cedar Ontario - cedar hedges and trees
Cedar Hedge in Toronto
Cedar Hedge in Toronto planted by Cedar Ontario

Cedar Trees from Ontario

Support the local economy and choose a cedar tree vendor that harvests and sells cedars in an environmentally friendly way here in Ontario.

Professional Hedge Installation

Cedar Ontario offers a cedar hedge planting service that comes with a reliable guarantee you can count on.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Every all-natural cedar tree delivered by Cedar Ontario is is hand-dug. No pesticides or fertilizers are used to grow our cedars.