Emerald Cedar Example 1
Emerald Cedar Example
Emerald Cedar Example 1
Emerald Cedars

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Emerald Cedars

At this time, we do not carry Emerald Cedars. They are nice accent trees but in our opinion are not the 'right' trees for hedges. They grow very slowly and always retain their pyramid/conical shape (among other reasons).

Reference images for emerald cedars are provided on this page.

Cedar Ontario offers a professional cedar hedge planting service using eastern white cedar, not emerald cedar.

Your Cedar Hedge Project

Cedar Ontario offers cedar trees for sale (delivered) so you can plant them yourself as well as a cedar hedge planting service.

Contact us to get details or discuss your cedar hedge project.

Professional Hedge Installation

Cedar Ontario offers a cedar hedge planting service that comes with a reliable guarantee you can count on.

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