Emerald Cedar Example 1
Emerald Cedar Example
Emerald Cedar Example 1
Emerald Cedars
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Emerald Cedars

Cedar Ontario offers the delivery and/or installation of robust, Ontario-grown emerald cedar trees for your landscaping needs.

Emerald cedars are excellent accent trees as they are very bushy, dense and keep a deep green colour year-round. The trees are not as hardy as eastern white cedar so they are not suitable for all environments and special care is required to get the most out of them.

Reference images for emerald cedars are provided on this page. Contact us to discuss your emerald cedar requirements.

Cedar Hedge Service

It is important to note that while Emerald cedars are very nice looking trees, our opinion is they are not the right trees for a 'classic cedar hedge.' Emerald cedars always retain their pyramid/conical shape, so when they are planted in a line, they will always look like a line of trees.

If you would like a traditional cedar hedge instead, Cedar Ontario offers a professional cedar hedge planting service using eastern white cedar, not emerald cedar.

Your Cedar Hedge Project

Cedar Ontario offers cedar trees for sale (delivered) so you can plant them yourself as well as a cedar hedge planting service.

Contact us to get details or discuss your cedar hedge project.

Professional Hedge Installation

Cedar Ontario offers a cedar hedge planting service that comes with a reliable guarantee you can count on.

Contact us to book your hedge installation today.

Google Reviews

Parker Gilles
May 2022
Thank you Cedar Ontario Team! Our backyard looks beautiful. Really appreciate the reasonable cost estimate and professional service received from Geoff and the Team.
Jason Ng
May 2022
It was a real pleasure dealing with Geoff and his team. I had been looking into getting some swamp cedars for the backyard, and discovered his business. He responded to my emails almost immediately, and was really thorough and detailed in his responses. He took his time to address concerns I had and made me feel comfortable with this installation. Upon installation day, his company had an issue with one of the trucks. Geoff kept me informed and updated on the situation. My trees got planted the same day and he did some stunning work. Highly recommended. Thank you Cedar Ontario!
Simon Jay
November 2020
Excellent team to work with, thanks Geoff. Our new hedge is beautiful and will only get better. Also, thank you for taking the extra time to take a look at our other hedge, we will follow you directions and look forward to you coming back to do some repairs.
Clayton Reynolds
September 2020
Geoff and his team are kind, professional, quick and well priced. Very impressed with the installation of our 10’ cedars. They are even taller than 10’ and will thicken into a hedge in a few years. Really happy with their service and installation.
Denise Mowat December 2019
Geoff and his crew were excellent. They did a fantastic job and it looks beautiful. Thank you
Nikola Vitas April 2019
I had no prior experience planting Cedars and Geoff walked me through it step by step. The trees are doing really well in the tough clay soil that we have. The trees, service and the help provided by Geoff were great. Will definitely order from there again.
Cheryl Corrigan June 2019
5+++ . I hired Geoff to plant our 35 cedar trees this spring by reading his positive reviews, so I wanted to share my experience. When I intially contacted Cedar Ontario, Geoff the owner was quick to respond. He explained everything carefully and was true to his promise of the delivery date. He and his team worked non stop and efficiently. No mess to clean up and the trees look beautiful. The whole experience was beyond our expectations!!!
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